Tampa Bay Wedding Officiant - Pastor Dean
At Their Home - Mary & Carl's Wedding Pictures

It was a joyous privilege to officiate Mary and Carl's wedding at their home.  It was a wonderful joyous celebration and everyone enjoyed their 3 favorite things about one another.  Click on any thumbnail to see a wedding picture:

Home_3_19_16/IMG_0615.jpg Home_3_19_16/IMG_0701.jpg Home_3_19_16/IMG_0701B.jpg Home_3_19_16/IMG_0702.jpg
Home_3_19_16/IMG_0706c.jpg Home_3_19_16/IMG_0707.jpg Home_3_19_16/IMG_0708.jpg Home_3_19_16/IMG_0709.jpg
Home_3_19_16/IMG_0713.jpg Home_3_19_16/IMG_0714.jpg Home_3_19_16/IMG_0715.jpg Home_3_19_16/IMG_0716.jpg
Home_3_19_16/IMG_0718.jpg Home_3_19_16/IMG_0720.jpg Home_3_19_16/IMG_0721.jpg