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Tampa Bay Wedding Officiant - Pastor Dean
Fox Hollow Country Club - Ron & Renee's Wedding Pictures

I had the privilege and joy of officiating Ron and Renee's wedding at Fox Hollow Country Club in Trinity, Florida.  Please click on a thumbnail picture to enlarge the wedding picture: Edit Text

FoxHollow_10_8_16/IMG_0970.jpg FoxHollow_10_8_16/IMG_0935.jpg FoxHollow_10_8_16/IMG_0940.jpg FoxHollow_10_8_16/IMG_0939.jpg
FoxHollow_10_8_16/IMG_0947.jpg FoxHollow_10_8_16/IMG_0946.jpg FoxHollow_10_8_16/IMG_0944.jpg FoxHollow_10_8_16/IMG_0943.jpg
FoxHollow_10_8_16/IMG_0942.jpg FoxHollow_10_8_16/IMG_0965.jpg FoxHollow_10_8_16/IMG_0964.jpg FoxHollow_10_8_16/IMG_0960.jpg